Drain Guard

Reusable Drain Filter Guards

drain guardThe Reusable Drain Guard is one of the largest available products for stormwater pollution control and containment of sediment and silt. Constructed from a heavy duty polypropylene material, these drain guards are able to contain up to 500 pounds of sediment. This stormwater BMP is ideal for areas with demanding sediment or silt requirements, such as construction sites, facilities, or work areas.

Due to the large containment potential of these drain guards, each model features robust straps located along either side of the guard. Straps help to secure the product in place and make removal of the equipment easier. Reusable drain filter guards can be reused after sediment and materials have been removed.

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Reusable Drain Guard - Dimensions & Features

24" x 24" (610 mm x 610 mm)
24" x 36" (610 mm x 915 mm)
24" x 48" (610 mm x 1,220 mm)
24" x 24", Curb Style (610 mm x 610 mm)
24" x 36", Curb Style (610 mm x 915 mm)
24" x 48", Curb Style (610 mm x 1,220 mm)
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    & Removal

    reusable drain guardSimilar to our Standard Drain Guards, reusable models are intended for installation through the use of the drain grate. However, due to their large storage capacity, straps located on the sides of the guard will need to be buried for added stability during use.


    1. Remove the grate and clear the surrounding edges in preparation.

    2. Placed the drain guard into the drain.

    3. Replace the Grate. During this process, make sure that the straps located on the top portion of the guard remain outside of the grate and on the ground surface.

    4. Cover the Straps with Dirt to prevent items from snagging on the straps.

    Due to the weight of the guard when full, barriers require extra equipment such as backhoes or forklifts for removal. These guards can be removed through the following process:

    • Uncover straps
    • Insert Bars through the straps/pockets
    • Remove the Grate
    • Lift the Guard out with available machinery


    Additional Drain Filtration Products

    storm drain filtersLooking for the classic drain filter guard? Check out the Storm Drain Filter Guard Page. Here you find our standard catch basin inserts including models for the following:

    • Oil and Sediment
    • Trash and Debris
    • Hydrocarbons, Oil and Grease
    • Heavy Metals

    The witch's hat design is a favorite for construction sites due to its large surface area and easy installation.

    Questions? We can help. Call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.