Dewatering Tubes

Geotextile Filter Tubes for Easy Filtration

geotextile dewatering tubeGeotextile Tubes are an excellent choice for areas dealing with a high level of sludge, silt, or sediment. Perfect for large scale dewatering projects, geotextile filter tubes start in standard lengths of 50 feet and go up in size as large as 250 feet. Due to the increased strength required to hold the large volume, dewatering tubes are made of a woven geotextile fabric equipped to hold several cubic yards of materials.

Geotextile Tube Features

  • Fabric: Polypropylene Woven Geotextile
  • Lengths: 50 to 250 ft.
  • Circumferences: 15 to 90 ft.
  • Black or Tan Color Options

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Dewatering Tube Technical Specifications

Property Value Extra Notes
Length 50'
Other Lengths by Special Order
Circumference 15', 22.5', 30', 45'
60', 75', 90'
Filling Port Spacing 1 - 5 ports One Port for Every 50' of Length
Informational PDF Flyer Installation Instructions

Size and Estimated Capacity per Tube

Circumference Tube Volume
15' 0.6 y³/LF
22.5' 1.3 y³/LF
30' 2.3 y³/LF
45' 4.1 y³/LF
60' 6.2 y³/LF
75' 8.3 y³/LF
90' 10.1 y³/LF

Material Specification

Fabric Material UV Stable Weight/Unit Area
oz/yd² (g/m²)
Polypropylene Woven Geotextile Yes 16.6 (560) Black/Tan

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Geotextile Filter Tube Considerations

geotextile tubeBefore you use a geotextile tube, there are several considerations to take into account determining what materials are required. These include:

  • Type of Solids being Filtered
  • Available Area
  • Total Water Amount
  • Available Space for Collecting Runoff (Are there inlets around? Is a retention or drainage area available?)

The geotextile tube can run 24 hours a day, requires only a limited amount of equipment, and typically does not involve complicated parts or procedures.

Using Dewatering Tubes as a Breakwater Structure

breakwater tubeBreakwater tubes are also ideal for coastal protection. They are placed along the shoreline to help control erosion from storms or constant wave action. Upon installation, breakwater tubes are filled hydraulically with a sand and slurry mixture. As water flows in and out of the geotubes for erosion control, sediment is retained throughout the structure of the bag.

Other Dewatering Products

dewatering bagsLooking for a smaller dewatering option? Please view our Dewatering Bags. These dewatering filter bags feature smaller exteriors than a dewatering tube and are designed for small scale projects such as filtering water on construction sites or in small ponds.

Questions about dewatering tubes? We can help! Call GEI Works at +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.