Taurus Dewatering Silt Bag

Sediment Filter Bags for Construction Sites

dewatering silt bagQuestion: I am looking for a dewatering silt bag. I have a construction site that will be in need of some kind of water filtration device in order to filter out stormwater. Do you sell these bags? What sizes are available? What kind of filtration rate do they have?

Answer: The Dewatering Bag, commonly referred to as the silt filter bag or sediment filter bag, is a high quality filtration device designed to filter out sediment, sand, and other harmful materials from water. Taurus dewatering bags are a great choice for construction sites due to their economical design and flexible storage locations.

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Taurus Dewatering Bag Sizing

silt filter bagsSizing for a dewatering bag can vary depending on factors relevant to your location, including:

  • Type of Sediment Requiring Containment
  • Amount of Water
  • Flow Rate
  • Available Surface Space

In general, any time you are looking for a dewatering product, it is helpful to know these factors in order to determine the best bag for your location. Standard sizing for dewatering silt bags include:

  • 6' x 6' : Available Volume of 1.44 cubic yards/bag
  • 15' x 10': Available Volume of 6 cubic yards/bag
  • 15' x 15': Available Volume of 9.6 cubic yards/bag
  • 15' x 20': Available Volume of 12 cubic yards/bag
  • 15' x 25': Available Volume of 15 cubic yards/bag

If you are unsure about the dewatering bag specificaitons needed for your site location, please feel free to to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Standard Flow Rates for Dewatering Silt Bag

sediment filter bagFlow rates for a dewatering bag will vary depending on the type of sediment you are trying to contain or if you are pumping water from your site.

The dewatering bag is made primarily from a filtering geotextile material that will include either an 8 oz or 10 oz non-woven materials. The following are the typical flow rates available for the dewatering silt bag:

  • Eight ounce (8 oz) Material: 80 gpm/sq.ft.
  • Ten ounce (10 oz) Material: 60 gpm/sq.ft.

Many construction sites have implemented this bag to control silt or sediment runoff from their site. Dewatering bags have frequently been hooked up to discharge hoses for pumping out materials. Bags are designed to accommodate hoses up to four inches (4") in size.

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