Dewatering Bag for Pond Dredging

Sediment Filter Bags for Silt and Sludge Control

dewtering bag for pond dredgingQuestion: I am looking for a dewatering bag for pond dredging. I am looking to move sediment from water in a pond. This sediment will be turned up during some dredging activities that will be going on in the water. Can a dewatering bag be used for this? Do you also sell turbidity curtains or other products that can help contain the turbidity from dredging?

Answer: Yes, we do offer both dewatering bags, also known as sediment filter bags, and turbidity curtains that may be able to help with your dredging application. The sediment filter bags can help with removing sediment from one pond, while the curtains will help to keep displaced turbidity from spreading across your entire pond.

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Determing the Right Dewatering Bag for Your Project

sediment filter bagWhen determining the right Sediment Filter Bags, there are couple of things we typically ask customers to take into consideration:

  1. How fast will you be pumping into the dewatering bag? Dewatering bags are made from different fabrics depending on your application and that rate (gpm) at which you will be pumping water into the bag. Bags are typically made with either an 8 oz or 10 oz material, although 6 oz fabric may also be available.

  2. How much dredged sediment do you need to contain? Determining the size bag or how many bags you will need will often depend on the amount of sediment you need to contain. Bags are rated with a certain capacity to help contain all different amounts of materials.

  3. How much available space do you have? Another major component is the amount of available space you have for your product. Please consider sizing, such as widths and lengths, so we can help you choose a dewatering bag that will successfully fit in your location.

Turbidity Curtains for Dredging

Turbidity Curtains are often used in dredging applications to prevent the spreading of displaced materials. Lengths for turbidity curtains are 50 or 100 foot sections with depths anywhere from 3 to 100 feet. The depth of your curtain will typically be chosen based on the depth of the water at your location.

For help with choosing the right sediment filter bag or turbidity curtain for your project, call GEI Works at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.