Debris Barrier

Floating Debris and Trash Barriers

Floating debris barriers are a reliable choice for any location looking to control or contain floating debris. Available in steel, plastic and PVC models, these debris barriers are often placed around docks, shorelines or polluted areas to control or contain materials. Debris boom barriers have been used by counties, communities, homeowners, and construction companies to contain debris and prevent pollution. Give our team a call at 1-772-646-0597 to discuss your containment requirements.

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Debris and Trash Containment Boom Comparison

Below you will find a quick comparison for all of our floating debris containment boom models. These can help you determine the right floating boom option for your location.

Boom Model
Top Flotation, Impermeable PVC Skirt
Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Streams
Hard PVC Flotations
Long Term Containment
Top Flotation, Bottom
Netting Skirt
Steel Mesh with Hard Plastic Floats
Logs, Larger Debris, Timber

While the standard containment boom option is our most common model, we also offer steel and permanent booms for longer term control.

Debris and Trash Control Options

debris controlIn any water area there is always the potential for pollution, trash, debris, leaves, fallen timber and logs. In some locations floating debris brought in by wind, water currents and waves, debris may become excessive can damage your facilities and equipment. A debris boom barrier can be a great way to control items, redirect floating particles, or stop invasive plant growth.

Due to their wide range of models and materials, barriers have been used for any of the following:

Models are additionally available for permanent containment or short floating debris control.

Floating Containment Boom Barrier

The most common floating containment barrier we offer is the Floating Containment Boom. Made from a flexible PVC fabric, these booms are able to float on the surface of the water and contain debris during use.


  • Top Flotation Device
  • Bottom Ballast Chain
  • Flexible PVC Fabric
  • Tension Cables (on moving water models)

For these barriers, models are available in either calm water, moving water or fast water options.

We also provide debris barriers for Hydroelectric Power Plants.

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