Debris Boom to Stop Trash

Debris Control in a Lake Made in the USA by GEI Works

Question: We are looking for a debris boom to stop trash and control litter that has been polluting our lake. There isn't a huge amount, so the barrier doesn't have to be too thick just as long as it can catch the trash before it enters.

Debris BoomAnswer: Thank you for contacting us! For controlling smaller floating trash items, we would recommend using our Standard Debris Barrier. As opposed to some of our other booms that use heavy-duty metal, these units are made using 22-ounce PVC material that is great for the type of the floating litter you've mentioned. Each of these booms contains a flotation collar to help the boom float. These collars are filled with either four foot, six foot, or eight foot foam, depending on your specific requirements.

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Debris Barrier Connection & Deployment

To connect various sections of this boom together, a ASTM Universal Slide is placed in between each section. This helps to guarantee that your barrier will stay in place and together regardless of the debris it comes into contact with. If your lake will be frequently visited, the booms are available in a variety of different colors that can help them be as discrete or obvious as needed.

Boom Deployment for your Shore Lake: One way to deploy this boom is along the shore of your lake. This kind of installation could serve as a barrier around the lake and prevent the trash from ever entering the center. Deploying the debris barrier from the shore would also allow the trash to wash up naturally onto your shore, making it much easier to clean up.

Boom Deployment Around the Source: If there is a specific entrance or area where the trash is coming from, you could also place your boom there to help prevent the debris from entering the system. In this sense, the boom would act as a kind of barrier to block unwanted materials from entering a certain section.


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