Debris Boom for Catching Floating Wood

What work best for capturing debris in water?

floating debris boomQuestion: I am looking for a debris boom to install in a marina. The majority of what it will be catching is small debris and twigs. Which boom would you recommend?

Thank you for contacting us! Our most common debris boom option is one of our Floating Debris Booms. These booms feature an impermeable fabric material, top flotation device, and weighted bottom chain to control debris and timber in the water.

These standard booms have been used in almost any application including containment of the following items:

  • Small Floating Debris
  • Twigs, Branches, and Wood Pieces
  • Trash, Wrappers and Containers
  • Logs and Large Floating Objects

If a majority of what you will be containing is fairly small and light in weight, then the floating boom can certainly be a good option.

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Information Required for Floating Booms

In order to provide you with the best floating boom option for your location, there is some standard information we would need to know in order to price on you on the correct boom option. This information will include:

  • Water Flow Speeds
  • Waves or Tides in the Area
  • Primary Type of Debris Being Contained
  • Length Required

Similar to our other floating containment barriers, these booms may vary in their design depending on water conditions where they are being used. Booms that are being deployed in water locations where there is a steady flow may have additional tension components to help the barrier contain materials in this location.

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