Construction Sediment Fences

Silt Fence for Construction Sites

construction sediment fenceConstruction sediment fences are high strength barriers designed to help contain and control silt and sediment on your site. Made in several different styles and models, these fences are equipped for use on construction sites, building locations, and several other areas that require temporary containment of materials.

Standard Silt Fence Models

The standard design of the Silt Fence includes a woven geotextile fabric and wooden stakes. This allows water to flow through the fence while still being able to contain and control silt. Standard silt fence models include the following:

  • Economy Grade Model (50 gram Material)
  • Contractor Grade Model (70 gram Material)
  • DOT Grade Model (100 gram Material)

This fencing provides options for different sites and silt control requirements. Fencing is typically sold in rolls that are either 3' x 100' or 3' x 330'.

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Additional Sediment Fencing Options

In addition to the standard silt fencing models, we also offer several high strength models to help control objects on your site. These fencing options include the following:

  • Wire Backed Silt Fence
  • Orange Safety Barriers

All of our silt fence models are available in several different styles and strengths, so please do not hesitate to contact us with additional requirements for your site.

Silt Fence Maintenance

silt fence When using construction sediment fences, you should always be engaged in frequent or consistent inspections of the fence. Inspections should include:

  • Fence Inspection for Tears or Gaps
  • Inspection After Rain Events
  • Immediate Repair of Found Gaps or Tears
  • Removal of Accumulated Sediments (this should be performed when the sediment build-up reaches one half to one third (1/2 to 1/3) the height of the fence or when sediment is causing a noticeable strain on the fence.

Staked Silt Barrier

staked silt barrier For control of areas that have a water or sheet flow, another great option is the Staked Silt Barrier. While standard silt barriers are designed for use in water locations, the staked barrier will take this fabric and place it on stakes. Unlike the silt fence, this fabric is designed to be impermeable, allowing water to be directed to the nearest pond or storage location.

  • Fabric: Typically features 18 oz. Impermeable PVC Fabric
  • Tensile Strength: Around 350 lbs.
  • Placed Along the Desired Flow Control Path

Questions? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.