Staked Silt Barrier for Stormwater Runoff

FAQ: Can Staked Silt Barrier Control Stormwater Runoff?

staked silt barrier by GEI Works controlls stormwater runoff and sheetflowQuestion: I am looking for a silt barrier and I saw that you have one that is staked. Could this type of fence be used to control stormwater runoff?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The Staked Silt Barrier is actually designed specifically for controlling stormwater runoff and sheet flow at your location. One way you might use this product to control storm water is to direct it to proper locations.

Another way you might use this type of barrier is to place it where a floating turbidity barrier might not work as well. These types of places include shallow marshes, road-side ditches, or shallow lakes. If using staked silt barrier in water, it will work best in water that is shallower than 30 inches.

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Staked Silt Barrier Applications

staked stil barrierWhen dealing with stormwater runoff that is full of sediment or silt, you will want to make sure it is correctly flowing into the right location. If used and installed properly, this staked silt fence can direct your runoff across your site and into retention basins or ponds.

When compared to the silt fence, the staked silt barrier will be made from slightly more robust materials that will allow for the barrier to control water flow in your location.

While silt fences are typically made from woven materials that can allow for water to filter through the barrier, staked turbidity barriers are made from impermeable fabrics that do not allow for water to flow through. This can help in areas with large water flows or stormwater materials.

For more information on the staked silt barrier, including typical installation procedure, please check out our Staked Silt Barrier Page.

Another possible option would be silt fence. Learn more about the difference between staked silt fence and silt barrier.

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