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Connecting Turbidity Barrier Sections

silt barrier installationQuestion: When installing turbidity barriers, what is the best way to connect two sections? We are looking to place a Type 1 turbidity barrier in a pond.

Answer: When connecting two sections of a Type 1 Silt Barrier together, the best way is usually through the grommet eyes on each section. To connect two different sections of silt barrier together, follow the steps below.

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Installing Turbidity Barrier Sections: Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Take the grommet eye on one section and align it with grommet eye of the next section that needs to be connected together.

  2. Using rope or heavy-duty zip ties, you can then tie these two sections together and create a longer structure. You should repeat this system until the barrier has reached its intended length.
  3. Protect your turbidity curtain during towing by using a two bridle by GEI Works

  4. After this, you will want to tow your curtain out into the water until it reaches its desired position. When these sections are shipped to you, each one should have the skirt of the silt barrier rolled and connected to the flotation portion.

  5. These two items should then be connected with reefing lines. You will want to make sure that the reefing lines are still intact or reapply them to the curtain. Having these bundles still connected will make towing the barrier much easier.

For detailed instructions, please see our step-by-step guide for Turbidity Barrier Installation.

aluminum slide connectionsConnecting Type 2 and Type 3 Turbidity Barriers

If you are looking for a barrier with some additional strength, we also offer Type 2 and Type 3 turbidity barriers that will have extra connection requirements. Rather than just featuring grommet eyes, these barriers will additionally include slide connectors that will allow two sections to be connected together.

Toggle pins can then be inserted into the connectors to further strengthen the connection. For more information on this connection, please see the Silt Curtain 3 Step Process.

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