Absorbent Boom

Absorbent Oil Spill Containment Boom

absorbent boomThe Absorbent Boom is a great choice for sites dealing with oil, fuel, hydrocarbons or other pollutants within a runoff stream. Constructed from highly absorbent materials, these oil booms can be quickly implemented to stop the spread of spills, clean up sites or absorb oil within a storm water runoff stream.

Absorbent oil spill containment booms are made in standard diameters of either five or eight inches (5" or 8") and are available in either oil only, universal or general maintenance model. Each boom will typically include UV resistant polyester netting, snaps, linked steel rings, and rope for easy installation in your location.

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Absorbent Boom Specifications

Model Dia. Length Absorbency Packaging Qty/
Oil Only 5" 10' 36 gal. 4/Bale 24
Oil Only 5" 10' 45 gal. 4/Bale 24
Oil Only 5" 10' 45 gal. 2/Bale 16
Oil Only 8" 10' 83 gal. 4/Bale 16
General 5" 10' 40 gal. 4/Bale 24
General 8" 10' 100 gal. 4/Bale 16
Universal 5" 10' 32 gal. 4/Bale 24
Universal 8" 10' 83 gal. 4/Bale 16

Model What it Absorbs
Oil Only Oil, Petroleum, Oil Based Liquids
Universal Acids, Corrosives, Water, Caustics, Oil Based Liquids
General Maintenance Non-Aggressive Liquids- Oil, Coolants, Solvents, Anti-Freeze, Water

Oil Spill Containment Boom Applications

The absorbent oil boom barrier is a frequent choice for on-site emergency response for absorbing oils and hazardous materials. Oil Booms are most commonly used in water-based applications such as containment in:

  • Harbors
  • Marinas
  • Small Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Roadside Spills
  • Industrial Spills
  • Rivers

Oil booms are also frequently kept on hand at various locations to quickly deploy and contain a spill once it has occurred. As an added bonus, an absorbent boom barrier may also be placed on land to contain oil around machinery, vehicles, and other potential leaks.

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