Type 2 Silt Barrier Heavy Duty

For Dredging, Pile Driving & Shoreline Construction

type 2 silt barrier

Triton Type 2 Silt Barriers are popularly used to contain turbidity and silt during dredging activities, pile driving, shoreline construction, or demolition work. Heavy Duty Type 2 turbidity barriers feature a strong bottom ballast, high strength top tension cables and a universal bulk connector. This design helps distribute weight for areas with moving water, currents, waves, or tides.

Type 2 Silt Barriers are recommended for use in areas with moderate winds, currents up to 1 knot, and waves up to two feet. Triton silt curtains help sites increase sediment settling times and reduce TSS levels. Type 2 HD Silt Barriers are available in both impermeable and permeable models depending on the requirements of your location. Products in stock ship same day!

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Type 2 Specifications

Product Type 2 Heavy Duty Type 2 HD Permeable
PDF Documents Product Flyer

Floating Silt Barrier Installation Instructions (PDF)

Flotation 6" Float (≤ 10' D)
8" Float ( ≤ 20' D)
12" Float (> 20' + D)
6" Float (≤ 10' D)
8" Float ( ≤ 20' D)
12" Float (> 20' + D)
Fabric 22 oz. PVC 22 oz. PVC w/ 6 oz. Monofilament
Top Section Connectors Universal Slide Bulk Connectors Universal Slide Bulk Connectors
Skirt Connectors Grommets Grommets
Bottom Connectors Bottom Stress Plates Bottom Stress Plates
Tension Cables 5/16" Top Tension Cable 5/16" Top Tension Cable
Bottom Chain 5/16" Steel Ballast Chain 5/16" Steel Ballast Chain
Standard Length 50' or 100' 50' or 100'
Depth 3' to 100' 3' to 100'

Note for ALL Salt Water Areas:

Any time you are implementing a floating silt barrier in salt water oceans or lakes, it is recommended that your barrier feature Stainless Steel Cables and Zinc Anode Components. These components offer a higher resistance to corrosion, common with extended salt water use.

Dealing with a short term project? Working with a tight project budget? Standard galvanized components will work in salt water areas for a period up to 12 months.

Additional Type 2 Silt Barrier Models

Additional Products for Anchoring and Installation:

Anchor kits are available for Triton floating silt barrier also
Turbidity Barrier Accessories (PDF) - Protect your floating barriers
Anchor Kits: Anchor, Painter Rope, Buoy
Tow Bridle: Helps Distribute Weight during Towing
Reefing Lines: Adjust the Bottom Curtain
Tidal Compensator: Self-Adjust Booms in Tidal Areas

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Type 2 Silt Barrier Features

Triton Floating Silt Barrier installation for turbidity control

  • 5/16" Bottom Ballast Chain
  • Impermeable or Permeable Models
  • Marine Grade Universal Section Connectors
  • Perfect for Moving Water and Intercoastal Waterways
  • Standard Section Lengths: 50 ft. or 100 ft.
  • Standard Depth: 5 ft.

Type 2 Silt Curtain Applications

Triton floating silt curtains for marine construction projectsType 2 Silt Barriers are perfect controlling silt in range of conditions with moving water. Some of the most common uses include the following

The economical and reliable design of these barriers has made them a favorite for use in marine containment and protection applications. Advantages to using these curtains include the following:

  • Protection of Aquatic Habitats (Sea Grass Beds, Aquaculture Facilities, Spawning Areas)
  • Reduction of Silt Settling Times
  • Compliance with Local & Federal Regulations (including DOT regulations, Federal Clean Water Act, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NPDES Phase II Regulations
  • Avoidance of Fines and Shut Downs

Common Questions

  1. What depth do I need for my type 2 silt curtain?
    Determining the right depth depends mostly on the specific water depth in your location. It is typically recommended that the bottom skirt of your curtain hang down at a length that will allow the barrier to sit about one foot from the floor. This means that all depths will be chosen based on location.

  2. How do I choose between a Permeable and Impermeable Model?
    Most turbidity barriers feature an impermeable fabric that retains sediment and silt to a dredging or construction site location. However, in certain instances, having water flow through the curtain can help maximize the efficiency of your project. For these locations, permeable monofilament fabrics are placed within the bottom skirt. These filter fabrics keep sediment contained, while still allowing water to flow through the floating silt curtain. Permeable models are most commonly added to the Type 2 and Type 3 Barriers.

Other Floating Barrier Options

Triton silt barrier is also available in Calm water and High current models Realizing that not all water locations will fall into these parameters, we also offer floating silt curtains in two other models: Type 1 silt barriers (calm water) and Type 3 silt barriers (offshore/demanding water).

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