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Turbidity and Silt Curtains

The Turbidity Curtain is an economical option for any location where silt and turbidity control is required. Often used in control floating materials in calm water, moving water and fast water areas, these curtains are one of the most economical ways to keep your solids under control for the duration of your project. In order to accommodate different water conditions, these barriers are made in three standard models: Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 Turbidity Curtains.

Standard Turbidity Curtain Models

Type 1 Models Type 2 Models Type 3 Models
silt barriers type 2 turbidity curtain silt barrier project
Type 1 Economy Curtain
Type 2 Contractor/ DOT Curtain
Type 3 DOT
Silt Curtain

turbidity curtain turbidity curtains turbidity curtains
Type 1 DOT Curtains Type 2 HD Curtains Type 3 HD Curtains

Specialty Silt Curtains

piling protection silt barriers for bridge repair pile extraction silt barrier
Piling Protection
Containment Mat
(Bridge/Dam Repair)
Piling Extraction
barge silt barrier    
Barge Turbidity Curtain    

Land Silt and Erosion Control Barriers

silt fence staked silt barrier wire back silt fence
Silt Fence
Staked Silt Barrier
Wire Back Silt Fence
orange safety fencing    
Orange Safety Fencing    

For information on any of our floating barriers, please feel free to contact us by phone at 772-646-0579 (toll free at 888-703-9889), by email at info@graniteenvironmental.com or Request Pricing.


Choosing the Right Turbidity Curtain

silt curtainRegardless of model, the most common floating silt curtain design involves the use of a top flotation device, impermeable skirt and bottom ballast chain. When the barrier will need to be accommodating waves or currents, a tension cable will be added to the top section of the curtain to control the spread of materials. Tension members will be most commonly found on the Type 2 and Type 3 models.

Choosing the right model for your location is dependant on several different factors including project type and duration. In general, turbidity curtains are typically classified in either Contractor or Project/HD models.

Contractor Curtains

Contractor/DOT Curtains are most commonly used for construction, DOT and short term projects. Models include:

  • Type 1 Contractor
  • Type 1 Economy
  • Type 1 DOT
  • Type 2 Contractor
  • Type 2 DOT
  • Type 3 DOT

Project Curtains

For longer term projects, Granite Environmental offers several heavy duty curtains that can withstand extended use, heavy loads and higher flows. Models include:

  • Type 2 Heavy Duty
  • Type 2 Heady Duty Permeable
  • Type 3 Heavy Duty
  • Type 3 Heavy Duty Permeable

For more information, check out the Silt Curtain Comparison Guide.

Estimate Request Please feel free to call us at any time at
(+1) 772-646-0597
, toll free at (888) 703-9889 or request an estimate.

Silt Conditions & Factors to Consider

Any time you are looking to use one of silt control curtains, we typically urge customers to take the following factors into consideration prior to choosing their silt curtain style:

  • Water Conditions:

    • Water Velocity: How fast is the water moving?
    • Waves: Are there waves? How high/often do they occur?
    • Tides: Are there tides?

  • Site Conditions:

    • Particles: What type of silt, turbidity or sediment are you trying to contain? Is it contaminated?
    • Project: What type of project is this barrier for? How long will the project last?
    • Wind: Is there wind? What is the speed and/or direction?

Estimate Request Please feel free to call us at any time at
(+1) 772-646-0597
, toll free at (888) 703-9889 or request an estimate.

Specialty Silt Curtains

Working to accommodate the needs of multiple sites and conditions, we also offer barriers that are uniquely shaped and constructed to meet specific projects or requirements. This can include options to contain falling debris, control silt during pile extraction, and contain materials during barge dredging operations. For more information, please check out the following pages:


Turbidity and Silt Curtain Options

turbidity barriersAs a general guideline on how each barrier type is typically used, please view the list below:

  • Type 1 Silt Barrier: Calm Water Conditions
  • Type 2 Silt Barrier: Medium/Moderate Water Conditions
  • Type 3 Silt Barrier: Rough Water Conditions


Other Barrier Options

In addition to the standard turbidity and silt curtains, we also offer several barriers and containment items for specific applications or areas. These barriers are often uniquely shaped, styled, or designed to fit difficult containment areas such as under bridges, dams, piling, dredging barges, and more.

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