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A silt barrier is a land or water based product designed to contain silt during construction, or marine repair projects. For water areas, Triton floating silt barriers (also known as silt curtains, silt booms, or turbidity curtains) surround and contain suspended silt and allowing it time to settle. For land based jobs, staked silt fence form a barrier for runoff filtration. Correctly installing these products helps you stay in compliance by containing silt and reducing stormwater pollution. All GEI Works floating sediment barriers and are made in the USA, and available in several models. Call our specialists at (+1) 772-646-0597 and ask about our in stock & ready to ship turbidity barriers.

Triton Turbidity Curtain and Silt Barrier Types USA Made

Turbidity Curtain Economy
type 2 turbidity curtain
silt barrier for dredging

Silt Fence and Land Based Sediment Control

silt fence
staked silt barrier
wire back silt fence

Debris and Oil Containment Barriers

debris barrier Oil boom barrier steel debirs boom

Dewatering, Silt Filtration, and BMP Products

sediment filter bag curb drain filter bmp  

Estimate Request If you have questions about turbidity barriers, please feel free to call us at any time at (+1) 772-646-0597 , toll free at (888) 703-9889 or request an estimate.

Triton Floating Silt Barriers USA Made

Triton Floating Silt Barriers and Turbidity Curtains are some of the most common options for water based silt or turbidity control. Designed to keep solids contained long enough to settle back to the bottom, these barriers help address pollution on marine construction sites, shorelines, and other areas dealing with displaced silt or sediment.

Due to varying water conditions from site to site, these turbidity barriers are available in the following models:

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Land Silt and Sediment Barriers USA Made

silt fencingSilt Fencing and Barriers are the perfect solution to silt or sediment build up around your site. Created to contain sediment, help prevent erosion and redirect sheetflow, these barriers at as perimeter control and a reliable line of defense before materials leave your site.


  • Standard Silt Fence
  • Staked Silt Barriers (impermeable)
  • Wire Back Fencing
  • Orange Safety Fence

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Silt Barriers and Containment Regulations

The enforcement of the Clean Water Act (1998) and NPDES phase II (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) Regulations make protecting water resources a high priority. Federal and State regulators enforce these rules. Our products are designed to provide cost effective ways to avoid shutdowns or work stoppages. The correct use of these debris barriers will help keep your project in compliance and on track!

Floating Debris and Oil Containment Booms USA Made

debris boom barriersFor areas dealing with pollutants other than silt or turbidity, we also offer Oil and Debris Barriers for control of floating particles, oil and other debris. These booms are very similar to our curtains, but will feature a shortened skirt. Rather than working to increase settling times, these booms focus on containing items floating on the surface of the water, including:

  • Aquatic Plants
  • Floating Debris
  • Trash and Plastic Particles
  • Small Leaves and Timbers
  • Seaweed

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Additional Resources

silt barrier installationTo further help throughout your containment or construction project, we also offer the following items to help install, deploy, and anchor your barrier in your location:


Silt Filtration Products

In addition to our floating turbidity barriers and silt curtains, we also offer several options for land-based silt containment, pollution and erosion control. Often used to lower TSS and NTU levels, these silt and debris barriers are often used in construction, pile extraction, dredging, marine repair, and other environmental remediation activities. Please check out our variety below to find the best option for your location.

For more information on any of our silt and sediment barrier products, please feel free to contact our team at (+1) 772-646-0597 or toll free at 888-703-9889.

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