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The Silt Barrier is a land or water based device designed to contain and control silt curing construction, bridge or marine repair operations. For water areas, these floating barriers (also known as silt curtains, silt booms, or turbidity curtains) will surround and contain suspended silt. As the project continues, silt will settle towards the bottom. For land based areas, silt barriers will form a complete containment area around roads or sites. This will contain silt and help prevent storm water pollution. Regardless of your containment needs, these barriers can help contain and control silt.

Turbidity Curtain and Silt Barrier Types

type 1 silt barrier type 2 silt barrier turbidity curtains
Type 1
Turbidity Curtain

Type 2
Turbidity Curtain

Type 3
Turbidity Curtain

Silt Curtains and Barriers include a Type 1, 2 and 3 model depending on your water conditions. In addition to these barriers, we also offer several containment barriers and best management practices (BMPs) to help with the containment of debris and oil, as well as the filtering of silt and sediment from stormwater.

Debris and Oil Containment Barriers

debris booms oil containment booms turbidity curtains
Debris Booms Oil Containment Booms Silt/Turbidity Curtains

Dewatering, Silt Filtration, and BMP Products

dewatering bags stormwater bmps silt fencing
Dewatering Products Stormwater BMPs Silt Fencing

While many of our turbidity curtains and floating booms are designed for control in water-based locations, we also offer a range of products to help with land-based silt and sediment control. These include Stormwater BMPs (including drain guards and basins), Silt Fencing, and Silt Filter Bags.

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Floating Silt Barriers

Some of the most common options for silt and turbidity control are an item known as the Floating Silt and Turbidity Curtain. Designed to contain items in a range of water locations, these barriers float both below and on top of the surface to control the dispersion of silt and turbidity. Due to varying water conditions from site to site, these barriers are available in different models to meet the needs of calm water, moving water and fast water areas. Models include the following:

  • Type I (calm water)
  • Type II (moving water)
  • Type III (demanding water conditions)


Barriers and Containment Regulations

The enforcement of the Clean Water Act (1998) and NPDES phase II (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) Regulations make protecting water resources a high priority. Federal and State regulators enforce these rules.

These products are designed to provide cost effective ways to avoid shutdowns or work stoppages. Products work to control turbidity, silt, and oil at the source, preventing further spreading of pollution. The correct use of these products will help keep your project in compliance and on track!

Additional Turbidity Curtain Resources

To further help throughout your containment or construction project, we also offer the following items to help install, deploy, and anchor your barrier in your location:


Floating Debris and Oil Containment Booms

For areas dealing with pollutants other than silt or turbidity, we also offer Debris and Oil Booms for control of floating particles, oil and other debris. These booms are very similar to our curtains, but will feature a shortened skirt. Rather than working to increase settling times, these booms focus on containing items floating on the surface of the water, including:

  • Aquatic Plants
  • Floating Debris
  • Trash and Plastic Particles
  • Small Leaves and Timbers
  • Seaweed

Land Based Silt Barriers and Silt Filtration Products

In addition to our floating turbidity and silt curtains, we also offer several options for land-based silt containment, pollution and erosion control. Items have included the following:

  • Silt Fencing: These silt barriers are placed around construction sites and other sediment areas to prevent the spread and erosion of materials. Fencing is available with or without stakes and comes in standard fabrics of economy, contractor or DOT grade.

  • Silt Bags: For areas with a significant amount of stormwater runoff, dewatering and silt filter bags are a common requirements. Each bag is constructed from a non woven filter fabric that retains particles, while allowing clear water to flow through the bag. Small and large options are available.

  • Stormwater BMPs: Working to help address the concerns of stormwater regulations and compliance issues, Stormwater BMPs are designed to effectively product water and storm drain systems. Options include drain inserts, catch basin filters, storm drain covers and more.

Often used to lower TSS and NTU levels, these barriers have been used in construction, pile extraction, dredging, marine repair, and other environmental remediation activities. Please check out our variety below to find the best option for your location.

Turbidity Curtain Variety
The Turbidity Curtain is a floating containment device designed to control floating and displaced particles churned up during dredging, construction or site work.

Type 1 Silt Barrier | Calm Water Pollution Control
The Type 1 Turbidity Barrier is designed to contain turbidity and silt in calm water areas such as ponds, lakes or swales.

Type 2 Silt Barrier | Medium Duty Barrier
Type 2 Turbidity Barrier is the workhorse of the turbidity barriers and is used for most dredging and marine construction projects.

Type 3 Silt Barrier | For Rough Water Conditions
Type 3 Turbidity Barrier is designed for silt and turbidity control on various water area or construction projects. Built tough to get the job done.

Silt Fencing | Control Silt and Sediment on your Site
Silt Fencing consists of land-based barriers designed to prevent erosion and effectively contain silt on your site.

Debris Barrier | Floating Debris Control & Containment
Floating Debris Barriers are available in standard, permanent and steel mesh models to contain and control debris, aquatic plants, and more.

Containment Booms | Oil and Debris Booms
Containment booms are an easy solution to any pollution present in a river, pond, lake, or other water body.

Dewatering Bags | Construction Site Filtering
These sediment dewatering bags and tubes are designed to help with construction site dewatering as well as larger sludge or lagoon dewatering projects.

Marine Accessories | For a Successful Barrier Install
Marine accessories include tidal compensators, tow bridles, marine anchoring systems, buoys, navigation warning lights and more.

Turbidity Curtain Installation | How to Install Barriers
Learn how to install a turbidity curtain. This information is limited to generic content and is in no way comprehensive.

Stormwater BMPs | Products to Keep you in Compliance
Stormwater BMPs help to keep your site in compliance with local NPDES and stormwater regulations. Models include catch basin drain guards, drain covers, storm drain filters, inlet guards and more.

Turbidity Curtain Resources
Find all the turbidity curtain resources you need here including quick links, pricing information, and more.


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